The husband accused of promoting his wife's suicide is being examined at a mental hospital. Victor Han was released on $75,000 bail and then went to Summit Park Hospital, after jail psychiatrist recommended he be held for observation. The Journal News reports that he had been on suicide watch since last Thursday. Han's wife, Hejin, drove their minivan off a Bear Mountain scenic point with their two daughters in the car, after Han managed stepped out of the car; the two daughters survived. State Parks Police have charged Han with child endangerment as well as promoting his wife's suicide, but now it turns out that Han was very depressed as well, even mentioning Bear Mountain for a suicide attempt. From the Journal News:

In his statement to police, Han wrote that he considered jumping from Bear Mountain because he believed he let his family down when he could only provide takeout Chinese food at his wife and daughter's birthday celebration in February.

"A few days after the birthday, I took the ... family to Bear Mt.," he told police in his written statement. "I was very quiet on the trip. When we got home I wrote a note to Hejin stating that I had let everybody down and that the real reason I wanted to go to Bear Mt. was to jump.

"I then left the house for two day. I went to my office, drank & went to a hotel. I also wrote in the note I wanted to go to Bear Mt. to take photographs (I infact wanted to jump)."

[Jail Chief William] Clark said yesterday that Han was "very despondent while in the jail" after his wife died.

Police are searching the Hans' Staten Island home, as allegations of Han having a mistress and possible financial troubles have been emerging. And his wife's family is reaching out to him as well, apparently inviting him to dinner at their Brooklyn home. Han's sister says, "When [the police] interviewed him, he'd had no sleep and no food all day and his children were hurt - they twisted it. He lost his wife and he's been blamed for something that wasn't even his fault. Everyone is behind him."