2006_06_hanfaimly2.jpgThe Staten Island husband charged with promoting his wife suicide death at Bear Mountain a few weeks ago was released from a Rockland County psychiatric hospital yesterday. Victor Han, whom authorities had described as "despondent" after his wife drove off the side of a cliff in their minivan before his eyes, was forced to go under observation after making bail. Han is charged with not only promoting his wife Hejin's suicide, but also reckless endangerment and child endangerment as their young children were strapped in the minivan. His money problems and news that he had a mistress prompted questions about Han's actions as well.

Han's family and his wife's family had made public appearances at court hearings last week, showing a united front, but today, the Post reports that his wife's family does not want him seeing his children. However, Han's chuch in Queens and the Korean American community in Staten Island have been vocal in their support for Han.

There is supposedly a funeral planned for Hejin Han tonight. Han's lawyer told reporters that if there is a trial, Han will testify. His next scheduled court appearance is August 17.