2008_11_popediddy.jpgStaten Island Roman Catholic parishes are hoping to encourage Catholics to come back to the church in a borough-wide "parish mission." The Staten Island Advance reports that 35 "priests from the Redemptorist order, and one Augustinian, have taken up residence at two dozen parishes for the mission." They are trying to remind Roman Catholics that in spite of "sins," they are not "unforgivable." This includes women who have had abortions and people who get divorces; one priest explains, "Say you have a Catholic celebrity who gets married before a justice of the peace and then divorced. There is no need to annul that marriage because it did not take place in church. So even if that celebrity remarries, he is still welcome to receive communion." Well, that clears everything up! Semi-related: P. Diddy was seen dressed as the Ponitff for Halloween at Pacha.