Just in time for the holidays - and holiday presents - the Ninja Burglar has returned! The nefarious nighttime nuisance that had Staten Island residents on their toes after hitting sixteen homes (some with homeowners in them) robbed two homes in the Todt Hill neighborhood over the weekend.

The Advance reported that the "elusive serial bandit" first robbed a mansion on Louisa Lane. He entered through a second floor terrace door - while the mansion was occupied - and took cash and jewelry. Then, around the corner at Ocean Terrace, he entered through an unoccupied home's sliding door and took more cash and jewelry.

"It's the same pattern," the source said.

Meaning: He strikes mainly at night on Grymes Hill, Todt Hill, Emerson Hill, Dongan Hills and Grasmere.

Takes cash and jewelry

Often makes his entrance through a rear window or terrace.

Yup, that's a pattern - a pattern for any burglar! In late September, Assistant Police Chief Albert Girimonte told Staten Islanders that the Ninja Burglar wasn't really a ninja but just a "run-of-the-mill burglar who's been lucky so far. And Girimonte refused to call the thief the "Ninja Burglar" or else he'd be glorifying him. But some cops have actually pulled over one suspect (a photographer who wears black and rides a bike) and asked, "Are you the ninja burglar?"

One Todt Hill resident screamed "The Ninja is here! The Ninja! The Ninja!" when she came face-to-face with the burglar and another supposedly stabbed the perp, who managed to run away. The Advance also created a map of all of the Ninja Burglar's supposed robberies since May 20.

Image of Shawnimals' Wee Ninja