A Staten Island mother won a court case against a plastic surgeon who left her with a "double bubble" deformity that made her appear to have four breasts. Maria Alaimo convinced jurors that Dr. Keith Berman ruined her chest—and her marriage—when she went under the knife. "I hope this does give other women the courage to step forward to say something happened," said Alaimo. "They shouldn't have to hide behind the big scarves and the big turtlenecks."

According to the Advance, Berman deviated from his original surgical plan during the operation and instead "slipped the implant into the only place it would fit," which left Alaimo scarred and disfigured. In closing statements, the surgeon's attorney claimed Alaimo "wasn't concerned about getting the appropriate information. She was only concerned about getting the surgery done. She was on a mission to improve her appearance—to fight the clock."

Though Alaimo won $3.5 million—$1 million for pain and suffering and $2.5 million for future pain and suffering—the surgery still ended up costing her her marriage. After the botched breast augmentation, she never let her husband see her naked and they divorced. "I shut him out," she said. "I wouldn't sleep with him. I wouldn't let him see me. I became detached. I pushed him away." Yesterday, New Jersey health officials warned of a quack plastic surgeon who gave butt enhancements with "hardware-grade caulk" that left six six Newark women with deep tissue and skin infections.