Our li'l hero of the day goes out to Dennis Reynolds, a 14-year-old from Staten Island who has the Department of Education backtracking after being sent home for arriving at school today with the most badass haircut seen in quite some time. The Great Kills eighth grader says that he was sent home from Barnes Intermediate School because administration wasn't fond of his Vice Do. Reynolds told the SI Advance,"The assistant principal told me my hair cut wasn't good enough." The school says that he will be let back in tomorrow, but they thought that he must have secretly shaved off half his head last night while sleeping over at a friend's. Quite the contrary—his mom was totally down! She said, "If a Mohawk is allowed, everything else should be allowed...It's better than wearing his pants hanging down. That I won't tolerate." The youngster, who we predict will have a facial tat by his sweet sixteenth says that he plans to get a star shaved in the hair that's left. When asked why half a haircut, he said, "I didn't want to go completely bald."