If someone stole your friends in real life, surely there would be legal actions taken... but what about if someone stole your friends on the internet? One Staten Island Man, 39-year-old Mustafa Fteja, is suing Facebook for $500,000 for deleting his account, and in turn, cutting him off from 340 friends. That's roughly $1,470 per friend. According to the NY Post, the social networking site allegedly had no good reason to delete his profile, yet his account has been disabled since September—he says he's been cut off from friends and family around the world, as well as personal memories and photos.

Fteja told the paper, "That was how I stayed in touch with people. You call, they don't answer the phone. You write, they don't reply." No wonder these people aren't even worth $2K each! He also likens the situation to the communist country he used to live in, and says, "I'm not doing this for money. I'm doing this for justice."

The suit was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday, and the company has not yet released a statement or made a comment on the situation. In fact, Fteja says since September he's only received one form email from them stating he "violated the terms of the Facebook agreement." Thus, he's going with the whole "religious discrimination" thing in the lawsuit, which states he is Muslim.