Last October Staten Islander Eric Bellucci allegedly stabbed his parents to death in their Annadale home before fleeing to Israel. Since being returned to the States he has been on and off suicide watch and has made such a scene each time he is supposed to go to court that he remains unarraigned. That theme continued today when, despite psychiatric reports saying he was fit to stand trial, his lawyer successfully asked for more time before Bellucci gets his day in court. In favor of the argument that the troubled 31-year-old, a Stuyvesant and Williams graduate, is not well in the head? When he was on the Corrections bus to court and kept screaming "I am the Son of Sam!"

Other things that Belluci screamed about on his way to court included asking "Who’s joining the Taliban now?" And, to one of the detectives handling his case, he asked, "Why did you lie to get a warrant? Your badge is mine." Once in court Bellucci reportedly never stopped staring directly at the judge.

Despite two state psychiatrists who have deemed Bellucci "fit to proceed" with court hearings his lawyer, Mark Fonte, isn't so sure and asked the judge for more time. The judge in the case consented to his request. “I've not made a decision on whether or not to confirm the report,” Fonte told reporters outside court. Meanwhile, just in case, Fonte also asked for, and was granted, protective custody for his client "out of an abundance of caution." Bellucci is now due back in court on September 22, nearly a year after the October 13, 2010 murder of his parents.