Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, the former Staten Island resident who was charged with making false statements about trying to fly to Pakistan to join the Taliban, was at the Brooklyn federal courthouse for his hearing today and was held without bail. In the process, according to NY1, Shehadeh did not enter a plea, while saying he did understand the charges against him. The charges basically stem from his repeated attempts to join terrorist organizations overseas, and then telling the government he wanted to join the Taliban to get off the no-fly list.

In 2008, Shehadeh flew to Pakistan allegedly to try to join the Taliban. He wasn't allowed in the country, and when questioned by officials upon his return, he said he had gone for a friend's wedding. He then attempted to join the army at the recruitment center in Times Square with the intent "not to join U.S. forces, but to wage war against them," according to the FBI. He also allegedly created at least three websites dedicated to "violent jihad against the west." He is currently being held without bail, and if convicted, faces up to eight years in prison.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly called Shedaheh a "homegrown" terror threat, but Investigators say there was never any specific threat to the city.