Salvatore Perrone, the man accused of killing three Brooklyn store owners over months, remains in custody after being arrested a few weeks ago. His neighbors on Staten Island weren't surprised that the 63-year-old was nabbed for the brutal killing—they described him as being mean and very odd, and his lawyer may try a psychiatric defense.

Perrone's mug shot from an arrest ten years ago.

Lawyer William Martin spoke outside Perrone's home on Clove Road, "I've spoken to a number of people who said he had issues of a mental nature for some time. That's an avenue that has to be reviewed. We are going to have to get to the bottom of his state of mind on each and every time they say he committed these crimes."

The Staten Island Advance notes that Martin wasn't able to access the home, which has been in a state of stalled renovation and resembles "haunted Gothic mansion."

The three-story building is all pitches and angles, its skin bared to slate-gray tar paper. The debris-filled front and side lawns are covered with tall, gnarly, dried-out thistles like a witch's lair. Cinderblocks, pieces of concrete slabs, battered lawn chairs and other detritus dot the area between the house and the seven-foot-tall concrete wall separating it from the sidewalk.

A garage sits alongside the property, its door perpetually open, displaying its contents of musty planks, a sand pile, plastic buckets and other scattered debris.

A peek through a first-floor window reveals few walls, exposed studs and sub-flooring, bags of garbage and stacks of screens and wood. No furniture is visible.

Yet for all that, perhaps the most telling item visible is a box of 50 Winchester center-fire pistol cartridges perched atop a pile. A crumpled supermarket advertisement sits alongside it.

Perrone allegedly used a .22-caliber sawed-off rifle (found at his girlfriend's Brooklyn apartment) to kill three Brooklyn clothing store owners: Mohamed Gebeli, 65, was killed in his store, Valentino Fashion in Bay Ridge, on July 6; Isaac Kadare, 59, was killed on August 2 at amazing 99-cent deals in Bensonhurst; and on November 16, Rahamatollah Vahidipourlast was killed at She-She Boutique in Flatbush. Sources say Perrone went dancing after shooting Vahidipourlast.