Former Congressman Vito Fossella, who decided not to run for reelection in 2008 when a DWI led to revelations about a mistress and a love child, was nominated by the Staten Island GOP Executive Committee last night to run against Rep. Michael McMahon (D). The Advance reports that party chairman John Friscia said, "It is my firm belief that he [Fossella] is the strongest candidate we can field," yet "acknowledged that he has no information Fossella would run."

There were rumors last week that the well-liked Fossella would run again, the nomination is called "startling" by the Post while the Daily News reports even GOP members were shocked, with a source saying "There was no explanation. Everybody walked out with their mouths [hanging] open."

Former Rep. Guy Molinari, who also once mentored Fossella, slammed the 23-4 vote, saying that it was a "new low." Molinari support Michael Grimm for the seat, and said, "Fossella has been playing his usual game at the expense of two other candidates." (Michael Allegretti is the other contender.) Molinari added, "I welcome a primary with Fossella. It's going to be ugly, it's going to be nasty, but he has to know that would come out in the course of a campaign. Everything he has done will be brought to light by me in this campaign. I have a difficult time believing that Fossella would put his own personal ambitions above his family. His family has been through enough and I couldn't believe that he would be willing to put them through all of that once again."