In the days before Hurricane Sandy, the attention of Staten Island was focused on the heartbreaking story of Felicia Garcia, a 15-year-old high school student who threw herself in front of a train after being bullied—allegedly in regards to a football team sex tape. The NYPD's SVU even got involved but then the storm hit and attentions shifted. But Garcia was not forgotten. As the Daily News reports, several of the school's football players have since been banned from playing the remainder of the season in the wake of her death.

After Garcia's suicide it emerged that she may have previously been involved in a sexual incident with four football players at a post-game party. Most upsetting for the young woman, the incident was reportedly filmed and passed around, leading Garcia to become "self-conscious from all of the teasing," according to a friend. However, if the football players who have been suspended from playing were involved in that incident, the school's principal is staying mum.

"There may have been some connection," Tottenville High School principal John Tuminaro told the News without saying why exactly the players have been pulled. "But to put this at the door of particular players would be incorrect. However, the entire school community was affected and it was a decision that we made (to rule players inactive because of a violation of team rules)." He later went on to say that Garcia "may have been harassed by some students over some actions but that harassment, as far as we know, did not come from any football players."

Still, the lack of extra players didn't hurt the team, which has won both games it has played since Garcia's death.