A paralyzed man who broke his neck in that 2003 Staten Island Ferry accident wants his lawyer to have a bigger share of his $18.3 million settlement. That's right: He wants to give his lawyer more money. James McMillan, who did not, apparently, suffer head trauma during the accident, appeared in court again yesterday to ask a magistrate to reverse another judge's ruling which reduced his lawyer's fee by almost $2.5 million. McMillan thinks his poor lawyer is entitled to a third of the money (which would be about $6.1 million), telling the Daily News, "I want him to have it. He worked for it. There's a hundred lawyers on TV saying, 'I'm the best,' but this man has walked with me through many things people wouldn't understand. He said, 'James I'm your lawyer' and I needed that comfort." It's unclear what kind of nefarious occult spell attorney Evan Torgan has cast over his client, but the judge who previously reduced his percentage was concerned that McMillan didn't understand the retainer he signed in his hospital bed just days after the crash.