After being arraigned on second degree murder charges for allegedly killing his parents, Staten Island resident Eric Bellucci was held without bail. Prosecutors pointed out that his trip to Israel—as the bodies were being found—and attempt to continue on to China made him a flight risk. The 30-year-old, described as a violent schizophrenic, was also put on suicide watch at the request of his lawyer, who said, "We're erring on the side of caution. It's an extremely tragic situation."

His parents, Arthur and Marian Bellucci, were buried yesterday, and hundreds of mourners attended the funeral at Holy Child Church, where Rev. Alan Travers said, "You were instantly shocked by life taken in this dastardly deed. What kind of comprehensible statement can be made in the face of such a stupefying fate?" Bellucci's brother Brian and sister Vanessa (she discovered their parents stabbed bodies in their home) were present, as were many relatives who spoke of the couple's love and kindness. Marian Bellucci's brother said, "They caught him before he could kill anyone else. Eric should never get out of jail."

Bellucci is being represented by John Q. Kelly, who, the Post reports, "represented the mother of Aruba murder victim Natalee Holloway and the sister of O.J. Simpson's slain ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. He said he had been retained to represent Bellucci, but would not say who hired him."