The 21-month-old baby girl who was shot in the face in the crossfire of a Staten Island shootout last week was released from the hospital yesterday. Little Samyah Bailey lost an eye in the shooting, but doctors say she made a "miracle" full recovery otherwise. Now the Daily News reports that family members say they have nowhere safe to take her now: "We don't want to go back. We don't have nowhere to go. They want us to go back to the same area. That's foul. That's not right," father Michael Bailey said as he cradled Samyah (the News also has pictures of the brave toddler's distressing injuries).

The family says that authorities promised to help them relocate from the Arlington Terrace Apartments, where the shooting occurred, after the horrible incident if they helped identify the 19-year-old shooter.

However, nothing has happened for them yet: "They all said they was gonna help us. The police said it, the DA...Now she's getting released from the hospital and nobody's helping us," said Bailey, who was wearing a t-shirt that read, "We Love You Miracle Baby" on the back.

Peter Spencer, spokesman for the Richmond County district attorney, said officials were working on moving the family: "Samyah's mother applied for relocation assistance with our office Tuesday, and we are working to facilitate that request," he said. The 19-year-old shooting suspect Damark King, who may have had previously been involved with Samyah's mother at some point, has been charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.

All grandfather Michael Bailey Sr. wants to be able to bring his granddaughter somewhere protected: "I just want to see my granddaughter put somewhere safe where she can feel safe, where she can go outside and play without fear of being shot," he said.