Not having heard of any new hurricanes lately we checked Weather Underground's tropical weather page this morning to see what's going on over the Atlantic. Much to our surprise Nadine is still a tropical storm! Named Atlantic storms last, on average, a little over six days. Nadine has been around for thirteen days and is expected to wander aimlessly in the North Atlantic into next week. The longest-lived Atlantic system was the third storm of 1899, which lasted 27.75 days.

Our semi-tropical forecast shows some showers, and perhaps a few thunderstorms, arriving later this afternoon as a cold front approaches from ye olde Great Lakes. Ahead of that front the city might warm to the mid or upper 70s today. Behind the front we're looking at more sun than clouds and a high in the mid 70s tomorrow.

It doesn't look like the sunny weather is going to last too long. The cold front is expected to stall not too far south of the city. When that happens we're in for several days of cool, unsettled weather with a chance of rain through the weekend.