That is one bad-ass storm centered over Minnesota this morning. The central surface pressure of the storm has dipped down to 955 millibars, which is the lowest ever recorded for a "U.S. non-tropical land-based system" says the Weather Channel. Snaking way, way out ahead of that low pressure system is a warm front and cold front combo meal responsible for the weather here. The city is currently in the warm air and will remain so for most of the day. While it is warm we are pretty much guaranteed showers and possibly thunderstorms. Look for the thermometer to pretty much hug 70 degrees for the whole day.

The showers are thanks to the cold front that produced tornadoes across the Midwest yesterday. Nothing that severe is expected here because the front is on its last legs as it approaches the East Coast.

A second front, one that is dumping snow across parts of North Dakota and Minnesota should arrive tomorrow night. Don't worry, we won't see an October snow, but it will be markedly cooler on Friday. We can expect mostly clear skies over the weekend with highs in the upper 50s and lows in the lower 40s.