Enjoy the sun while you can as it is only making a brief appearance today. A line of fairly intense showers and thunderstorms has broken out northwest of the city and is headed this way. The atmosphere over the city is a bit more stable than that inland, which means the showers will meet some resistance as they get closer. Scattered showers and thunderstorms may stick around through the evening.

It has now rained for eight straight days, twelve of the first fifteen days of June. That streak is likely to end tomorrow and is almost certain to end on Wednesday as a weak ridge of high pressure stabilizes the atmosphere. Cool highs in the lower 70s are expected.

Don't shoot me but the rain is expected to return on Thursday as another series of surface low pressure systems supported by upper-level disturbances begins their trek across the northeast. Thursday is looking upper 60s cool, while warmer, yet wet, conditions should be here by the weekend.