Did you notice how it was miserably humid this morning but much more tolerable this afternoon? We can thank an overnight temperature inversion, where the air gets warmer as you go up, for trapping a whole lot of moisture near the ground this morning. As the sun rose and heated the ground, the buoyant air burst through the inversion and the muggy air near the ground got mixed in with much drier air above. That dropped the surface dew point from an uncomfortable 71 degrees down to a more manageable 63 in a couple of hours. That dry air also means lots of sun and a high in the upper 80s this afternoon.

A much deeper layer of humid air will arrive tonight as the Bermuda High shifts a bit ahead of an approaching cold front. Look for a typically hot and hazy summer day tomorrow with a high again in the upper 80s and a chance of showers in the afternoon. Sometime tomorrow evening a trough of low pressure will scoot over the Bermuda High at the same time the high is being nudged by the cold front on the ground. That sounds like a recipe for showers and thunderstorms, some with heavy rains.

Another low pressure system later in the week should extend the period of unsettled weather for a few more days. It won't be quite as warm but both Friday and Saturday are expected to be humid with a chance of showers or thunderstorms. Assuming the front passes on Saturday night we'll have a sunny and dry day on Sunday with a high in the lower 80s.