eyeinastoria pic of rainy ctownThe rain is gone and the warmth is soon to follow. Last night's storm, which produced quite a bit of flooding upstate, was our last significant chance for precipitation for a while. Cooler air is arriving as our weather is being dominated by a large high pressure system. Tomorrow may squeeze in warmer than normal temperatures, for the twelfth consecutive day, but after that we're looking at high temperatures in the upper-40s to lower-50s for the next week.

You know why the rain has left? Those of a meteorological bent might say it's the big surface high pressure and the subsiding air that accompanies it, but Gothamist knows the secret reason: storms are scared of New York City. The National Weather Service declared yesterday that New York City was StormReady (pdf link). StormReady is a nationwide community preparedness program sponsored by the Weather Service to help communities develop plans to handle severe weather. In the declaration, the "Ready New York" campaign and the Office of Emergency Management were singled out as making the city "one of the shining examples of a truly hazard resilient community".

Even though there won't be any rain tomorrow night there will be a shower. A meteor shower. The Earth is currently passing through the debris trail left by the comet 55P Tempel-Tutle during it's 1932 pass around the Sun. The result is the Leonid meteor shower. Peak viewing time, when up to 100-600 shooting stars might be seen, begins at 11:45 Saturday night. You'll have better luck seeing the stars if you get away from the lights of the city. If you can't get away you can always listen to them or just rent Night of the Comet.

Photo of a rainy C-Town in Astoria from eyeinastoria via Flickr.