IMG_1488.jpgGE's early health campaign is going BIG tomorrow as they take over Times Square. Eight digital billboards will be flashing photographs submitted by the public, depicting how they stay healthy. Special photo booths will be set up and photos will be uploaded instantly. Participants will be emailed a photo of their photo in Times Square. Time magazine did something similar last year, on a somewhat smaller scale. Along with getting your mug up in lights, a street team will be handing out branded bottles of water and health information, as well as giving free pedicab rides. The event, sponsored by GE and designed by Frog Design hopes to promote awareness of early health and, obviously, the GE brand itself.

If you can't make it to Times Square tomorrow, you can upload your photo and have it shown some time in the next month. This could be your chance at 15 minutes...well, 15 seconds at least.