Well, there goes the rest of our afternoon. The always clever webcomic XKCD has gone and created a monumental chart called "Money: A chart of (almost) all of it, where it is, and what it can do" and, have mercy, the title is not lying! To make it slightly easier the whole thing is broken down into "dollars, thousands, millions, billions, trillions" but that still barely makes it manageable. More depressing than finding out that New York really is home to the 1 percent? This poster.

Seriously, there is so much here that we don't know where to start. Which is why we're grateful that among all the real and terrifying numbers on the post ($10 bucks from each U.S. household could still not buy one B-2 bomber; the cost of the Manhattan Project in 2011 dollars is only $6 odd million more than the Second Avenue Subway; for less than the cost of smoking a pack a day for a year in New Jersey you could buy yourself waist-deep half-room ball pit) XKCD has slipped in lots of amusing (if still sound) stats like the cost of one velocirapter, Scrooge McDuck's net worth, the loss in NewsCorp value since its hacking scandal began ($750 million) and how much J.K. Rowling would have been worth if she'd become a rapper (still a lot, they argue). Also? Who knew that the US Interstates highway system at $466 billion in 2011 dollars is "the largest single public-works project in the history of mankind!"

To make the whole thing even more impressive for those who don't believe that Coca-Cola could literally afford to buy the world a Coke, all of the stats on the poster are carefully listed in a Excel spreadsheet.

[h/t Kottke]