Remember those lovesick turtles that were clogging up the runways at JFK last week? The ones that have been causing (adorable) problems for years now? Well, there might be a solution, after all, and unlike the issue of geese at the airport, this one doesn't involve gassing.

Anne-Katrin Titze sent us these photos this morning, asking "Why doesn't the USDA relocate all of the JFK turtles to Prospect Park so they can lay their eggs without threatening aircrafts, like this beautiful turtle did this morning on the Peninsula Meadow lakeside laying her eggs?" Interesting idea! We called the Port Authority, who previously said that they are looking into barricades to block the turtles from wandering onto runways, to get their thoughts on this idea, and are awaiting comment. In the meantime, check out these precious photos of the "Turtle Odyssey" through the Park.