Police have declared iPhone cases designed to look like handguns a "bad idea." And soon, they may also be illegal.

Departments around the country—including the NYPD— have been posting photos of the cases to social media, encouraging people not to buy them for the reason that they are stupid.

The cases have been around for some time, but only caught widespread attention by law enforcement after the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office posted a photo to its Facebook page. On Tuesday, Senator Chuck Schumer implored online retailers like Amazon and eBay to please stop selling them.

“Any retailer willing to sell this potentially dangerous and tasteless handgun iPhone case is making a very bad call and putting lives at risk," he said in a statement. "We should be doing everything in our power to end the rash of gun violence across the country, however, this product simply promotes it. Moreover, this iPhone gun case can result in tragedy if mistaken for a real gun."

Schumer also takes issue with retailers describing the cases as "cool,""trendy," or "stylish." He adds that federal law requires toy guns to come with orange plugs inserted into the barrel to clearly indicate that they're not real. The cases, he said, could pose a lethal problem for law enforcement agents mistaking them for actual firearms.

An Amazon spokesperson told the Times that the cases are no longer for sale on the site.