Are the NYPD stepping on the toes of MTA officers? The NY Post reports that the NYPD has started sending some of their officers to police commuter trains as part of their anti-terror efforts — a move that has upset the MTA.

The nine officers were first sent out to the suburbs on November 24th, each earning a few hours in overtime which comes from "the $35 million in federal funds earmarked to help defray NYPD anti-terror train, bus and ferry salaries." Could they be put to better use in the NYC transit system, however?

MTA police union President Raymond Gimmler declares it "a waste of resources," and says his team doesn't need the help. And he's got Patrick Lynch, the city's PBA president, on his side. Lynch told the paper, "With 5,000 fewer police officers than we had on 9/11, we have to be concerned about programs like this taking even more officers out of the five boroughs." Whatever happened to the "ring of protection" added by partnering with smaller, suburban police departments?