The push to name things after former mayor Ed Koch began before he even left the mortal coil (hello, Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge)—so naturally now that he's really gone things are heating up again. Would you be okay with a subway station named after the "How'm I doin'?" mayor? Because it could happen.

Upper East Side Rep. Carolyn Maloney is leading the charge to rename the East 77th Street 6 station the "Mayor Ed Koch Subway Station." According to Maloney, it was his "lucky" station and he often visited it to ask his trademark question of his constituents.

According to the Post, an aide to Maloney, Jacob Tugendrajach, called the proposal "a done deal." But the MTA isn't ready to make new signage just yet: "We don’t name stations after people," an MTA spokesman said. "We have never named a station after anybody."

Indeed, the MTA doesn't name subway stations after people. Giant corporations willing to pay $4 million a year for 20 years however...

Still, though it is highly unlikely, what do you think? Should the MTA break tradition for Ed?