In the past year we've seen a Ralph Lauren model get warped into a bobblehead; Demi Moore get part of her hip shaved off; a Real Houswife get a digital face transplant; and in a rare reverse-distortion, Christina Hendricks was called a "big girl" in a NY Times article which ran an enlarged image of the actress. Most recently, a size 4 model spoke out in hopes of the fashion industry changing their ways and embracing healthier images.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is now looking out for those holding the glossy magazines that are often saturated with these airbrushed and retouched images. According to the Daily News, they believe that photos in fashion rags should be accompanied by a warning reading such as: “Models in these pictures may look skinnier than they really are.” They also want to ban underweight models from the business.

One of the anti-airbrush activists involved told London's Independent newspaper, "What we need to do is raise people's awareness of what they are looking at. A lot of people have no idea how much manipulation goes on."