Today, Redditors are taking on the controversial and, how shall we put this delicately....somewhat graphic issue of public urination. The spirited debate centers around whether or not New York should install public urinals in areas with a lot of bars, a la Amsterdam or Brussels. So...should we?

Some things to consider: You can get a ticket for peeing in public, and you're probably already drinking yourself to death. And ladies, you wouldn't be left out, either—there's a women's urinal that stands alone, or, just grab one of these bad boys girls and stand tall with the rest of 'em.

That being said, there are already plenty of places to pee for free in the city, if you know where to look, including two of the best bathrooms in the world. And, as one Redditor succinctly puts it, "I just don't think New Yorkers, by and large, can handle the responsibility of public toilets. We are fucking assholes and will destroy anything we can possibly destroy. Especially when drunk." What do you think?