It's been a few years since Albany killed lever voting machines in favor of computerized scanners. But considering the clusterfuck that characterized The Great Jammed Scanner Election of 2012, it's no surprise that some New Yorkers are longing for the return of the classic machines. And the Board of Elections says they'll consider re-installing them for next fall's mayoral election.

In 2010, New York State decided it was time to say goodbye to the age-old lever machines, outfitting voting sites with electronic ballots instead. But it turns out those newfangled computer machines aren't so good at not breaking down in the face of Democracy; last year's presidential election suffered from broken and jammed machines, which in turn caused looooong lines and general BOE-directed rage. But the BOE says they saved the old machines, and they could bring them back this year...maybe. "We have them. We’ve kept them just for emergencies so it might be something that ultimately could happen," BOE president Fred Umame told WNYC. Then again, don't get your hopes up: "But it’s unlikely," he added.

The Commissioners of Elections held a meeting last month to address the possibility of bringing levers back, in addition to several other proposals [pdf] that could help prevent another Election Day Hell. Though, if they do make a return to levers, they should consider going way old school. Erastus C. Knight for Congress, please.