Marty Markowitz was a suitable enough Borough President—he lent his bombast and thick outer borough accent to all the requisite ribbon cuttings and self-congratulating parties—but do we really want him to represent the entire city as the "Ambassador for NYC"? Fuhgeddaboudit. Seriously.

Public Advocate-elect Tish James and Councilman David Greenfield are pushing for Bill de Blasio to appoint Markowitz as the Commissioner of the Mayor's Office for International Affairs, and to change the title to the more succinct “Ambassador for NYC.” Both officials cite his "institutional knowledge" and "influence" and "expertise," and Markowitz himself is characteristically pleased by the idea.

"It is flattering that two of my colleagues in government would think of me in such esteem,” he told Politicker. “I look forward to whatever role I may take in continuing to serve to my borough and my city in the next chapter of my life.”

Can't we do better? Markowitz makes a passable Brooklyn mascot, but the whole city? We can do better. Here's an office poll:

John Del Signore: Mike D, and if he's unavailable then the Singing Subaru Guy

Josh Steele: They should let Pedro Espada out of jail and have him represent NYC abroad. Could be a great way to stem the tide of oligarchs buying $15 million pied a terres or $20 million apartments for their kids.

Chris Robbins: Pancake, the Flattened Rat—Pancake always has time to squeeze in a tour for you and your family.

Nell Casey: The couple from the Grand Prospect Hall, because they make your dreams come true

Jake Dobkin: Someone like Spike Lee—someone with a really bad attitude problem who likes to scream at strangers.

Who do you think should be Ambassador to NYC? Jay Z? The Koch Brothers? Subway shark? You tell us.