So, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz from Brooklyn wants to put weigh-ins along with grades on report cards, as part of a statewide initiative to prevent childhood obesity. While it's incredibly important for parents to be aware of their children's health issues, some NYC public schools don't even have the resources to give kids the educations they deserve, so what will an extra $1.5 million to a state-wide program bring? If the state might be willing to give the city some of the billion-plus dollars the NYC school system is owed, perhaps childhood health could realistically be part of the focus. So, at this point, this kind of a suggestion is a nice soundbite, something to remind people that they need to keep an eye on their kids' health, but bigger things need to be solved first.

And Gothamist feels bad when we think about kids coming home with report cards that say, "Plays well with others...but has the worst case of the munchies!" It'll just set up kids for a lifetime of body image issues...perfect for working in certain sectors of the media.