Should the woman who filed a criminal complaint accusing Greg Kelly of rape herself be charged, now that the DA has declined to prosecute the Good Day New York host? The cop-friendly NY Post certainly thinks so. In addition to splashing her photo across today's front page (headline: "SHADY LADY"), the Post's Andrea Peyser is urging the DA to press charges against the woman, whom the tabloid has identified as Maria Di Toro. Quoth the Peyser:

In the interest of justice, as well as protecting the safety and sanctity of all women, I’m begging Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance to prosecute Di Toro, 29, a paralegal who wants to be an actress and model, to the fullest extent of the law. The girl who cried “rape’’ was almost believed. She twice told prosecutors a consistent and credible story that, were it not for the exertions of the DA’s office, might have cost a good man his liberty and sent his career into ruins...

After her boyfriend found out, and Kelly vanished, she decided that the sex she pursued so wickedly wasn’t lovemaking at all, but forcible rape... It’s time to protect true victims of sexual assault by ripping off the veil that only encourages gals to make untrue claims. Who will believe a real victim now? Di Toro is, at best, a confused soul who irrevocably harmed a man’s reputation by thinking only of herself. At worst, she lied when she didn’t get her way.

Sources say Di Toro does not remember what happened in her boss's office with Kelly because she was so inebriated. The DA is taking her at her word, but investigators did determine that the bar tab that preceded their intimate encounter was "very low," and surveillance video shows her entering the building without any swaying or need of assistance. And text messages Di Toro sent before and after her night with Kelly were "mutually lusftul," with no mention of rape, a source tells the Post (which is owned by the same company that owns Fox 5.)

Kelly will be returning to Good Day New York tomorrow morning, and told reporters yesterday, "I’m very appreciative of all the positive support I’ve received." Over on the cop message board NYPD rant, one wag writes, "I'm happy that an obviously innocent man has that off his back. Now according to NYPD rules, he should be sentenced to a career of sitting in the Fox basement unloading supplies or watching the parked cars. Can't have an innocent man falsely accused of a crime interacting with the viewers. It might embarrass Rupert Murdoch. Oh wait, that's the way WE get treated by his Dad."