Is it okay for a Brooklyn ADA to have pictures of themselves on Facebook in which they brandish a confederate flag, simulate prison rape and wear blackface? Ever? We ask because we were just forwarded a link to the then-publicly-accessible Facebook page of Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Justin Marrus, son of Supreme Court Judge Alan D. Marrus, and well, that is exactly what we found there. Yes, the pictures appear to have been posted back in 2006, but Marrus is an ADA today, and until we asked him about the photos this afternoon, they were still online for all to see.

When we reached out to Marrus he "passed on speaking" to us but did not deny the photographs were his—and the Facebook page quickly disappeared after we hung up. Regarding the photos, a representative from the District Attorney's office tells us: "We think they are abhorrent, stupid, and childish. We're asking Mr. Marrus for full explanation of his conduct, which is totally unacceptable. And we will take appropriate action."