The Chinese restaurant worker who was mauled by three pit bulls Sunday morning claims the dogs' owner was more concerned with her pets' safety than his gruesome injuries. Xiu Ming Li was visited in his hospital bed by the Daily News yesterday, and the tabloid paints the scene in classic maudlin brush strokes: "Blood seeped from fresh white gauze covering bite marks on his arms and legs. His right ear—where he lost an earlobe—was also wrapped in gauze. His wife sat at his bedside, her eyes full of tears." Somewhere, off in the distance, a dog barked?

Li was trying to drop off a menu at the front door of a house in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens when the dogs pounced. And he says, "No one tried to help me. Two men just stood there. One dog—no problem. Two dog—no problem. But three dogs? They attacked me all over. The meat on my leg—gone. Just bone." But the dog's owner, Samantha Sing, says her nephew, her husband, and her sister-in-law rushed to Li's aid and pulled the dogs off of him. She's heartbroken because one of her pets died, presumably of a heart attack, after being taken to the city's Animal Care and Control Center in Brooklyn.

Sing had "Beware of Dog" warning signs on the gate outside her property, but unfortunately for Li, the signs were written in English, which he can't read. His distraught daughter angrily confronted Sing on Sunday, yelling, "He doesn't understand signs. The dogs shouldn't be so vicious. My dad didn't understand." Sing insists it's not her fault if trespassers are illiterate, but as the city's demographics tilt toward more Spanish and Chinese-speaking residents, should warning signs be written in multiple languages? And should they also feature Braille for the benefit of blind trespassers?

Police have no plans to charge Sing, but her dogs are being kept in observation for 10 days, and she's not allowed to visit them during that time.