2006_05_guzman.jpgA Bronx teenager was shot Washington Avenue in Clarement Village, the Bronx, early Sunday morning while walking in a group, and it seems that the gang meant to shoot another person in the group. Reports say that Samantha Guzman and three other friends had been heading toward a bus stop when they ran into a small group of men who were acting violently: Some say that the men had already been pistolwhipping someone else, and became angry when someone in Guzman's group stared or said something, while the NY Post says that gang asked Guzman's group for money. At any rate, one of the thugs started to pistol whip Guzman's friend, so Guzman and another friend started to run away but Guzman was hit by shots. Guzman died from bullet wounds to her pelvis and arm; she would have graduated from her Staten Island high school next month. What's more, Guzman also spent time to take care of her father, who happens to work with troubled teens. Police have found one person suspected of being in the attacking group; it's unclear if it's gang-related.