The tabloids are reporting on a grim discovery made at a midtown Victoria's Secret: The body of a dead fetus inside a bag carried by a possible shoplifter.

The Post reports that a guard spotted two women taking items from the racks at the Herald Square location: "The guard stopped the women and called police to the store. It wasn’t until the cops were cuffing the thieves that they made the grisly discovery - one of the women was walking around with a fetus in a shopping bag."

According to the Daily News, which says the two women were actually 17-year-old girls, one suspect, the one who apparently had given birth and claimed she had miscarried, was taken to Bellevue while the other was being questioned.

We'll no doubt have more on this incident later; check back for updates if you want to be even more disturbed.

Update: WCBS 2 reports, "The girl later told police that she had given birth on Wednesday and did not know what to do with the fetus." NBC New York's sources say the fetus did not have signs of trauma. The ME's office is examining the body.