Yesterday, a 32-year-old man was shot while chasing two people he caught in the middle of a burglary in his Newark apartment. Karl Randolph had heard noises in the kitchen and thought it was one of his kids; the Star-Ledger reports, "He found the two men instead. One of them was holding a bag filled with cereal, Oreo cookies and juice." Randolph ran after the men, managing to catch up and walk one of them back towards the apartment complex, but then the suspect fired a gun. Now Randolph is at University Hospital (pictured), with a bullet still inside him, punctured lung and broken rib. Randolph's wife Nicole told the Star-Ledger they moved to Newark from Utica, NY, because the economic situation upstate was so terrible; Randolph found work as a cable TV technician and she enrolled in a nursing program. Now Nicole Randolph says moving to Newark "the worst mistake I have ever made. This is not the place to be when you have children. Just because you live in a place that's low-income, that doesn't mean you have to endure certain things."