A man was fatally shot in the head while riding the uptown 1 train around the 7th Avenue and 23rd Street stop at 9PM last night. Another man approached him and shot him in the face and head; the victim died at St. Vincent's Hospital. Panic (naturally) set in on the train car, with passengers fleeing the station and that train car for others. The police say there was no argument between the shooter and the victim, simply that the shooter, his possible accomplice (seen with the shooter, running from the 23rd Street station), and victim all boarded the train at 18th Street, with the victim squeezing through the doors.

The Post notes that this is the third subway shooting in as many weeks: Two injuries, with the Times Square shooting of Monica Meadows and Queens subway platform shootingof Drake Business School head; then on Sunday, police shot and killed a robbery suspect. Gothamist wants to know what the hell is going on with the subways these days? There is always a general level of crime, but this seems like a lot lately.