Last Sunday, a three-year-old Brooklyn boy was injured after getting hit by a stray bullet. Little Isaish Rivera had been playing in a sprinkler on Pulaski Street in Bedford Stuyvesant when gunfire broke out between two men, apparently over a dice game, and Isaiah was hit in the leg by a bullet. But the lawyer for one of the alleged shooters doesn't think wounding a three-year-old is such a big deal: “This is not a homicide,” said lawyer Matthew Cohen, representing 20-year-old suspect Stanley Williams. “Even the alleged injury is not that severe. I think this is a very weak case against him.”

Thankfully, some adults still think that shooting a three-year-old—even if it was non-fatal, and even if it was just an accident—is a big deal. Judge Kevin McGrath swatted down Cohen's argument, saying Williams “has a total disregard for society.” He set bail at $1 million for Williams and fellow accused shooter Antonio McCloud.

Williams and the 22-year-old McCloud, were both arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and reckless endangerment. Cops say Williams has 11 prior arrests, including weapon and drug possession.