2005_09_clubmission.jpgOne man was shot dead and another man wounded after a fight in a Bowery Street club. Witnesses say the altercation was started when Thomas McKinney spilled a drink on a man's gilfriend at Club Mission. They argued and went outside, and when McKinny tried to ran away, he was shot three times. Newsday reports the gunfire also hit a homeless man sitting at the Common Ground Shetler. The NY Times says there have been two other attacks at the club, but the club's owner says it's not clear whether McKinney or the shooter had been in his club since the incident occured outside.

And in the Bronx on Tuesday, gunmen killed three people in an apartment, in what the police believe was an attempt to steal drugs. But while there was drug activity in the building none in that apartment. Surviving the shoot out was one of the 2 year old son (the mother was killed next to him) and an adult who played dead. Two men have been arrested so far.