Lesson to everyone: If you dare someone to shoot you, they might just do that. On West 16th Street near 5th Avenue yesterday, two men were arguing, and one, Ronald Kordis, said, "I have nothing to give. Go ahead shoot!" These words were uttered, as the Daily News reports, "as he started down the barrel of a gun." Kordis reached for the gun, and the gunman shot Kordis in the leg. And it gets crazier: When emergency room workers at St. Vincent's "removed his clothes to do so, they found a surprise: 76 glassine envelopes, or 'decks' of heroin, the police said." And, yes, Kordis was a drug dealer. The NY Times really spun the surprise element, complete with passer-by who thought it was just a loud NY argument, not something that would involve actual shooting. Oddly enough, a nickel in Kordis's pocket helped lessen the impact of the bullet. Residents were shocked, saying, "I've never even heard of people punching each other — it's a very affluent street. I can't believe this." One woman who was looking at an apartment on the street, said, "This used to be a really nice spot — I'm not so sure anymore. I jumped out of a cab to find the street cornered off with caution tape. I feel a bit nervous about moving here now." Lady, this is just what living in the big city is about: Drug dealers getting robbed when leaving the bank.