Skeptics will surely dismiss these photos as fraudulent, while conspiracy theorists will herald them as ultimate proof that the stories are TRUE: far below the surface of the Earth, a small army of workers have been toiling on a fanciful project known, among the faithful, as "The Second Avenue Subway." Once the stuff of children's fairy tales, this new evidence would seem to support the controversial idea that this transit chimera is all too real. We're through the looking glass, people!

What you're looking at here is work being done in the Launch Box, about 60 feet underneath Second Avenue between 91st and 95th Streets. From this very Launch Box, our beloved Tunnel Boring Machines (must-see video!) will being drilling south to 63rd Street. That work could begin in the next few weeks! Or, someday! Second Avenue Sagas says the photos show "why work above ground has been slow. The MTA had to shore up support walls in the launch box and relocate numerous unmapped utility lines that have connected the Upper East Side to the city’s water, sewer, gas and electricity systems."

"The two holes that you see are the starter tunnels for the new Second Avenue subway line," writes The Launch Box. "These two tunnels will be blasted to a depth of about 40-50 feet and then the tunnel boring machine will be set up to bore the actual tunnels down to 63rd Street. After the tunneling is finished (in June 2011, according to the current schedule) they will turn this cavern into the new 96th Street station." Peruse more photos of this legendary subterranean Sasquatch on the MTA's Facebook page. $4.5 billion well spent!