We have some painful, obvious news for all you single people out there: you're wasting your money. And your time, but mostly your money (as if you didn't already suspect this). Just find someone, pick anyone really, and you'll save thousands. That's what we've gleaned from a new analysis of spending habits of single people vs. married people in NYC, made by Bundle.

According to their data, taken from July 2009 to June 2010, a "typical" 26-35-year-old single female and single male earning between $40,000 and $50,000 spent a combined average of $5,255 a month (not including rent). If they were married and combined their incomes, they would have spent $4,079 within the same time period, which means they're losing around $14,000 a year by being single. Of course, the survey doesn't take into account the manner in which the married couples are saving quite a lot, perhaps by watching season-long marathons of The Mentalist on Saturday evenings while sharing a half-price bubble tea. And they leave out any talk of that dreaded plague upon happy young marriages, children.

So look us in the eye and tell us if we're satisfied by these findings. Do these numbers ring true to you? Do most men really spend $172 a month on clothing?

[via The Awl]