A few years ago, Stuyvesant High School was embroiled in a cheating scandal that led to negative headlines and high-profile firings. But according to a report in the Post today, Stuy students have weaned themselves off of their addiction to cheating only to develop an even more insidious addiction to DRUGZ. "LSD is a big thing," an anonymous teacher told them. "They brag about it."

Of course, just because kids brag about something doesn't mean little Timmy and Betty are injecting ketamine into their eyeballs. As long as drugs have existed, teenagers have been doing them—and as long as they do exist, teenagers will continue doing them. And whoever heard of drug abuse at a preppy NYC school?! Really, the only question is whether this particular collection of hormonal masturbation machines are doing more than their fair share of drugs.

In the last two academic years since the cheating scandal broke, cops have been summoned to the school 77 times by 911 calls. Seven of those were drug-related, two of those for narcotic sales. Even the students interviewed by the Post say only a small percentage of the school population uses drugs: "We haven't smelled it in the bathroom in two years," one noted.

So no, it doesn't seem like there's a particularly crazy drug epidemic worming its way through Stuy. But it does sound like Principal Zie Zhang has been tougher than her predecessor: there were 69 "principal’s suspensions" of students and 24 "superintendent’s suspensions" in the 2012-2013 school year, her first in charge. There were less than 20 suspensions altogether the year before.