In dog-bites-man news, police say a Baruch College finance major who moonlighted as a party promoter made a little extra money by selling Ecstasy! Michail Shimonov, 23, (pictured here with E written all over his face) and his alleged partner in crime Albert Kim are accused of working with an eight-man drug crew that sold E, Ketamine (Special K) and GHB to clubgoers. Investigators say undercover cops bought the drugs during an eight-month narcotics investigation at Pacha and Rebel, and wire taps caught crew members talking on the phone about dealing drugs at Roseland Ballroom and Mansion, now known as M2 Ultra Lounge. Shimonov had 88 Ecstasy pills, each marked with a green gun, when police arrested him; he was allegedly selling them to Kim for $8 a pill, and Kim would then unload them in clubs for $25 each. Shimonov, who worked for the party promotion company Entourage, liked to tell people he was "getting my promotion career in motion." And his poor mother tells the Daily News, "I can only say good things about my son. They can say whatever they want, he's no drug ring leader. Of course not."