nasa_moon.jpgTonight's the Harvest Moon! The full moon nearest the fall equinox is known as a harvest moon because the moon provided extra light for harvesting crops. For most of the year moon rise occurs about 50 minutes later each day. Because of the earth's orbital geometry, around the equinoxes the moon rises only about 30 minutes later from day to day. Since a full moon rises at the same time as the sun sets, the sky does not darken quickly for several days around the equinox, allowing for extra time to work in the fields. To see the Harvest Moon, look to the east at sunset tonight.

This evening may be your last chance to see the moon for a couple of days. A semi-complicated weather system, that will bring us an abundance of clouds and rain, is slowly approaching. For the remainder of the day we will have unseasonably warm and humid weather with a high in the upper-80s –90 is not out of the question.

The semi-complicated weather system we mentioned above is going to consist of a cold front that is expected to stall out tonight across upstate New York in a line connecting the SUNY colleges of Plattsburgh, Oswego, Brockport and Fredonia. The front is going to take a couple of days to push through the state. The slow movement means that tomorrow will remain warm. It also means that clouds, along with the chance of rain, will slowly increase during the day. The chance of rain gets much greater tomorrow night as a series of disturbances surf northeastward along the frontal boundary. Thursday night is looking showery and thunderstormy. A possible spanner in the works is a potential tropical depression forming over the Bahamas and heading our way.

The rain will probably linger through Friday morning. Cooler, drier air is on tap for the weekend. Clear skies and temperatures in the lower-70s should be great weather for the Atlantic Antic, DUMBO Arts Festival, as well as for the Mets and Giants games.

Full moon photo from NASA.