The owner of two Park Slope optical stores has been accused of taking out more that $3.4 million in fraudulent loans, which he allegedly poured into shopping sprees at high-end stores and lavish trips to Atlantic City with his model girlfriend.

Maksim Grinberg, who runs D&M Optical and 9th Street Vision out of the same Park Slope building, was indicted on 148-counts of fraud yesterday for his sybaritic pastimes, which allegedly included shopping sprees at Bergdorf Goodman, late nights at the Borgata Casino and leases on Mercedes and Audis, because one luxury car in NYC is simply not enough.

“It is very clear, had [the defendant] not been caught, he would have continued to do this,” assistant district attorney Sabrina Thanse said during Grinberg's arraignment. “He thinks he is above the law.”

Grinberg allegedly took out loans for medical equipment using the names of seven doctors between 2010 and this year, with Steven Schuster, the operator of a cooperative medical supply store, also allegedly taking four percent of the loan money. Loan applications state that Grinberg should have acquired 150 pieces of medical equipment, when his business in fact only had four. His estranged wife, Diana Gets, was also reportedly in on the scheme.

“These doctors had no idea what was going on,” Thanse said. One caught on to the shady dealings only after he got a call from a bank accusing him of missing a payment on his $1 million loan.

Grinberg pleaded not guilty during his arraignment on Wednesday.