The notable line from the Post's article about how Williamsburg real estate is on fire: "With Brooklyn fast becoming the new Manhattan — and Queens turning into the new Brooklyn — it stands to reason that Williamsburg could eventually reach the status of a Chelsea or TriBeCa." Lord. So does that mean that Staten Island will be the new Bronx while the Bronx will be the new Queens? New Jersey becomes annexed to be the new Staten Island? And is Manhattan going to go into a time warp and be the Olde Manhattan where we pay everything with shells? We'll go to the beach right now to get ready! Gothamist also appreciated how Post reporter Braden Keil wrote "While Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg continue to protest an influx of yuppies and hipsters..." emphasizing that yuppies and hipsters are two posses.

Gothamist on the Hasids vs. the Hipsters.