grannymugger.jpgSolange Elizee, the 85-year-old woman (not pictured) who was the second elderly victim of the most hated push-in mugger in New York, is moving out of her Queens apartment because she's afraid of being attacked again. From The New York Post:

Solange Elizee, the 85-year-old who was one of two senior citizens beaten by a ruthless robber on March 4, is vacating her home of 20 years for new digs that promise peace of mind.

"Every time I go to the elevator, I don't feel good," Elizee said about her current building in Jamaica, where a still-at-large mugger attacked her inside her apartment, then stole $45 and her gold wedding ring.

The paper also reports that Elizee suffers from panic attacks and will be moving into an assisted-living facility with 24-hour security.

State legislators have proposed a law that would make it an automatic felony to assault someone over the age of 70 and lawbreakers could face a maximum of 4 years in prison. Currently, beating on an old person is only a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of one year if found guilty. We found this very surprising.