A photographer has come forward with seductive pictures of Sherr-una Booker, the woman who filed domestic violence charges against a former top aide to Gov. Paterson. David Johnson, her former beau, allegedly punched and pushed Booker after she refused to take off a sexy Halloween costume, but the photographer says that a decade ago she was a "modest" model. "She was just drop-dead gorgeous," Jonathan Dewayne Woods (this guy?) told the Daily News. "She was what I call, 'street fine.' She wasn't made up like a model in Cosmopolitan magazine. She was the type who looked good all the time."

Booker was 30-years old and already a mom when Woods approached her in a North Carolina grocery store, offering $100 to take her picture. A week later he staged a photo shoot in the living room of her home. "She was pretty conservative," Woods said. "She was a single mom taking care of her two kids and that's how she presented herself. (A photo on the News’s site shows her wrapped in a towel, as though she’d just gotten out of the shower.) It’s unclear what Woods did with the photographs, but under the current circumstances, he expressed disgust and regret for his former subject. "I don't understand how a 6-foot-7 guy would put his hands on somebody as petite as her," he said. "I feel sorry for her.”